Who are we?

We, as Article Management System developers, are the community that knows your needs and will support you in this regard. With the fog we have developed, we offer you the processes of an article starting with the author's subscription to the system and uploading the article to the system, its review, the reviewer process, the control and printing process, and the uploading of the articles to the indexes after printing, in one place and as an easy-to-manage system.

We guarantee that we will meet your demands and requests as soon as possible with our friendly, inclusive and fast service approach.
Article Management System is a detailed process management system prepared for scientific journals.

We chose the slogan More Science for our system. You ask why? The Article Management System has been created with all the functions that can be included in peer-reviewed journals. When you turn the pages, you will understand much better what we mean…

You can save time with our Journal Management System. We have thought of every detail for you. With its improved frontend and panel, everything you are looking for is at hand. Authors, reviewers, secretariat, editorial board, editor, managers, accountants, translators can access the admin panel. Everyone can reach the areas within their authority and perform their transactions easily.
The Article Management System is suitable for anyone/any institution that publishes scientific-based studies.

What Does the Article Management System Offer?

With the International Journal Management System, we are breaking new ground in peer-reviewed journals. The system includes many extra features such as uploading articles to indexes with one click, sending sms to authors and reviwers and easy typesetting.

The Article Management System includes the processes of an article starting with the author becoming a member of the system and uploading the article to the system, its examination, the reviewer process, the control and printing process, and the uploading of the articles to the indexes after printing.

The system offers you an interface that is as easy to use as your daily e-mail or social network accounts. Thanks to our cloud-based system, you can access all the information and requests of the authors and reviewers from wherever you are and from all your devices, respond to the requests, organize and analyze the information.

We keep the system up-to-date by using the developing technological possibilities. In addition, we take the system to the highest level by making improvements in line with your requests.
Articles can be added to the agenda with a single click by the secretariat and the necessary evaluation can be made easily. Since it is a structure accessible over the internet, members of the editorial board can attend the meeting even if they are not present at the meeting place.

With the agenda module for the Editorial Board, the decisions of the editorial board are taken and finalized much faster. Decisions taken after the agenda can be easily processed by the secretariat/editor. It is recorded to which article which editorial board member made which decision and can be easily reported.
Payment settings can be made by the administrator in the system. Depending on these settings, various payment processes are available. If the authors are paying for the publication of their article or getting paid for their article, the payment process varies depending on this situation.

If the reviwers are paid by the journal, the reviewer payment list is prepared.

If translators are paid by the journal, a translator payment list is prepared.

If the Editorial Board is paid by the journal, the editorial board's payment list is prepared.
After the articles are accepted, they can be sent to the translator for translation or translation control by the secretariat or the editor. Different translators can be assigned for the publication languages ​​of the article and each article can be sent to the translators for the necessary translation.

The administrator can assign different numbers of translators to different languages ​​for the journal.
The system has a wide range of operations. It has the capacity to do many manual operations with a single click.

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Thanks to the features in the system, we ensure that the published articles are easily uploaded to the indexes. You can easily upload your articles to the indexes that scan the journal with a single click of a button.

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