Journal Management System

All Operations in One Menu

We have gathered all the management processes for Scientific Journal management in one place. You can handle all your transactions with a few clicks without having to go through dozens of pages.

Advanced Article Management

You can easily manage all the processes from the author's upload of the article to its publication. If necessary, you can notify the authors of the articles by e-mail of all transactions.

Fast Frontend Management

The Journal Management System has a simple front-end management. You can easily update and add or remove all fields on the front face.

Applications that Facilitate Journal Publishing

Our applications have been developed to facilitate publishing processes. When the issue is published, you can send the issue files to the indexes via FTP without leaving the page. You can easily create your journal covers.


Advanced User Management

The system can be assigned a separate user for all management processes. Manager, editorial board, secretariat, reviewer, writer, reader, accounting, translator etc. Each user can perform their own actions.
Journal Management System

The Adventure of the Article in the System

Submitting an Article

The author logs into the system by completing the membership processes. He sends his article over the system for review. At this stage, all information about the article is taken (Author, Title, Abstract, Article Type, File, etc.).

Secretariat Control

The article sent by the author goes through the secretariat control. In this process, the secretariat examines the article in terms of compliance with the journal, and if it is appropriate, it sends it back to the author for correction if not to the editorial board.

Editorial Board Evaluation

The article, which passes the secretariat process, is evaluated by the editorial board. In this process, the editorial board may decide to send the article for peer review or to reject it.

Peer Review

The reviewer is informed about the assigned article. The reviewer completes his evaluation through the system. In this process, the author and the reviewer cannot access each other's information.

Editorial Control

After the reviewer evaluation, the decision of the article is made by the editor. The editor makes his decision about the article, taking into account the reviewer's decisions.

Acceptance & Release Process

The accepted article after the editorial process is added to the publication order and placed in the queue. The next article is published in the next issue.

Journal Management System

How Does the Reviewer Process Work?

Reviewer processes are managed by the so-called double-blind process. The appointed reviewer cannot see the author and the author cannot see the reviewer.The decisions that can be made for the article are determined by the journal management.


The reviewer determined by the editorial board is assigned to the relevant article. A notification e-mail is sent to the reviwer.


Acceptance & Rejection

The reviewer can accept or reject the evaluation by logging into the system. The reviewer has 15 days to accept the evaluation.



After the acceptance process, the evaluation process starts and the reviewer examines the article and prepares the necessary report. Questionnaire, decision and notes about the article are requested from the reviewer in the system.



Reviewers who are not registered in the system can be invited for evaluation. The evaluation process begins by assigning the relevant article to the reviewers registered with the evaluation link.

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